Transform your life from the inside out.

Are you ready to raise your vibration, remove unwanted emotional baggage, clear subconscious blockages, and maximize your inherent potential? If so, let us be your guides and show you how to embrace your deepest truth and confidently live the passionate life you were always meant to live!


Souls on a mission...

People helping people through kindness, compassion, & exceptional service.

Now more than ever, people, like yourself, are searching for alternative ways to effectively deal with the pressures and demands of modern living while simultaneously awakening to a new reality and learning how to leverage their creative powers to create a meaningful life. 

Having spent the past 30 years exploring personal development and spiritual growth, we can genuinely say that we've gained a lot of knowledge, resources, and wisdom that translates in the work we do and the healing we share. 

As a reflection of our sacred life mission, Inner Journeys has created a variety of exceptional spiritual retreats and transformative healing services, which help people release the pain of their past, overcome limiting beliefs, find their voice, reclaim their authenticity, and expand spiritually.

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So much experience. So many ways to help!

Inner Journeys specializes in helping highly sensitive, empathic people who are on a self-healing or spiritual journey awaken to their fullest potential and become the masterful, creative beings they were always meant to be.

Raise Your Vibration & Teach You How to Protect Your Energy

  • Feel more vibrant and alive

  • Awaken your ability to heal yourself

  • Improve your overall health & well-being

  • Balance your chakras

  • Live a more abundant life

  • Be more open & receptive to unconditional love

  • Learn how to ground & center yourself

  • Feel balanced, harmonized, & in the flow

Heal Your Stress, Anxiety, & Unresolved Trauma(s)

  • Release subconscious blockages

  • Transform limiting beliefs & programs

  • Remove heart-walls & barriers to success

  • Heal painful memories & childhood wounds

  • Let go of years of emotional baggage

  • Find relief from an overactive mind

  • Cut cords with toxic people & behaviors

  • End your personal suffering for good

Empower You to Live Consciously & Authentically

  • Develop greater self-awareness

  • Release shame/unworthiness so you can shine

  • Be true to you even if others disapprove

  • Speak your truth  

  • Understand & cultivate better boundaries

  • Release identification from ego

  • Live in the present moment

  • Experience Oneness with your true self

Uncover Your Soul's Mission &  Life's Purpose

  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses

  • Awaken your intuitive & psychic gifts

  • Understand the lessons you are learning

  • Be more creative & expressive

  • Connect with your higher self

  • Activate your power to manifest

  • Align with your your inherent truth & potential 

  • Courageously act upon your inner guidance


Heart-Centered Services & Retreats

At Inner Journeys, you aren't just a client, you're a guest. From the first phone call to the final hug, Kurt and Mariposa welcome you into a home-like setting where we start off as strangers and often end up feeling like family.

​Throughout your healing journey, Kurt and Mariposa personally walk with you every step of the way offering a heart-centered approach that is honest, direct, and authentic. Our healing space engenders warmth, quietness, and coziness so that you can relax and do the deeper work that you came here to do.

Additionally, Inner Journeys offers the safety and convenience of working from a centralized location; making for an easier, stress-free experience since you won't have to share your story with multiple practitioners or worry about finding the right location for each service.


Spiritual Retreats

Single, Multi-Day & 

Customized Packages Available

Have you been searching for a wellness retreat and keep feeling drawn to Sedona? Are you ready to initiate some powerful changes in your life and ready to do a deep dive into your heart? 

Choose from one of our themed retreats or allow us to customize something special just for you! All of packages contain a combination of healing services, which can include spiritual coaching, energy healing work,  mindfulness meditation, spiritual massage, and/or empowerment teachings. 


Meet the Team

Kurt & Mariposa- the heart & soul of Inner Journeys!

The team at Inner Journeys is here to help by teaching you how to calm your overactive mind, heal the pain of your past, open your heart, and connect spiritually. To achieve a well-rounded balance, Kurt offers his teachings from the perspective of the sacred masculine whereas Mariposa heals using the energy of the Divine Feminine. Together, these energies work synergistically to accelerate deep healing and spiritual transformation.  

Additionally, we give the gift of modeling a new way of being in a conscious, un-coupled relationship where we continue co-parenting our children and running a business despite no longer being involved romantically. This shows others in a similar situation that it is possible to maintain a friendly, cooperative relationship without the ugliness and divisiveness of traditional separation or divorce.


Mariposa Obsidiana

Lightworker, Intuitive Channel, Energy Healer & 
Spiritual Massage Expert

"Helping people heal the pain of their past, open their hearts, find their voice, and align spiritually is a significant part of my life's work. I show people how to work with their subconscious mind in order to reframe painful memories, take back their power, and learn how to manifest and fulfill their own life's purpose. 

Being present, listening intently, and knowing intuitively how to leverage my skill-set is what allows me to guide others into an expanded state of awareness where anything becomes possible!"

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Kurt Raczynski

Empath, Energy Healer,
Spiritual Guide & Life Coach

"I see my work as holding a safe, non judgmental space for others, which lets them know that they have someone in their corner helping them get through the muck of life feeling more empowered and authentic.

I love helping others recognize and understand that trappings of their mind and how to overcome stressful thinking and unhealthy behaviors so that they can live more peaceful, manageable lives."

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We have worked with some incredible people from around the world. Here is what some of them have had to say about their experiences...


Absolutely wonderful. Great experience both spiritually and practically. I’ve been to Sedona dozens of times and the sessions with Mariposa and with Kurt were deeply meaningful for my growth and life. Transformative, empowering, and intuitive - you can feel the passion and positivity in their work. Thank you!!

Kendra B

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