Lightworker, Intuitive Channel, Energy Healer & 
Spiritual Massage Expert

My name is Mariposa, which means "Butterfly" in Spanish. This is significant because it perfectly reflects the journey of transformation I have found myself on since childhood. From an early age, I remember being able to access past lives, astral project, know things without knowing how I knew, and generally felt EVERYTHING, which was both a blessing and a curse. Back then, people would often refer to me as an ‘old soul’ but would simultaneously think of me as ‘trouble’.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I faced many emotional hardships and challenges including sexual assault, teenage pregnancy, severe anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, feelings of worthlessness and chronic low self-esteem. Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol became my preferred course of treatment despite many efforts to heal traditionally through professional counseling and 12- Step Recovery programs.

It wasn't until I had a significant spiritual awakening in my early 20's that I began to heal and transform my own darkness and pain into something meaningful and useful; thus, opening my heart, mastering my spiritual lessons, and aligning with my soul’s purpose. It is for this reason that I stand humbly at the front lines of consciousness offering my own life experience and expertise to others who are ready and willing to "do the work".

In order to heal my life, I became a trauma-informed practitioner well-versed in somatic healing & bodywork, various emotional freedom techniques, NLP and energy psychology as well as Shamanism, soul recovery, and integrative hypnosis work. I have dedicated over 10,000 contact hours helping people world-wide heal and transform their lives in addition to donating 500 volunteer hours to the Arizona Crisis Team as an emotional first-aid responder in my community.

Here's What I Specialize In:

Stress Relief

Overcoming Anxiety/Depression

Spiritual Growth & Ascension

Healing Unresolved Trauma

Shadow Work

Inner Child Healing​

Supporting Highly Sensitive/Empathic People

Developing Intuition & Psychic Gifts

Spiritual Massage & Bodywork